The glamour and magic
of gold on your toothbrush
Induce a spark of glamour on your teeth Our unique Gold formula is especially designed for those who are
thinking of taking premium care of their teeth and gums. What
makes it so special is its collection of effective ingredients,
including Gold particles, Hyaluronic Acid and

Uncover hidden treasures,
unleash your smile

One nuance white,
one exhale fresher each day
Nature's very special whitening recipe packed in one tube Combining the cooling effects of Lemon extract and Menthol, and
the whitening action of Hydrated silica and
Titanium dioxide, SWIDENT Lemon White effectively restores
the natural white balance of your teeth and leaves you with
a lively burst of long-lasting freshness. As healthy as it
can get.

‘So when you really love me,
Darling bring me Edelweiss.’
A complete and exclusive oral care straight from
the heart of the Alps
With valuable Edelweiss extract as its star ingredient, and a multi-active,
whitening, anti-bacterial and protective complex, this innovative tooth gel
redecorates your smile to a healthier and brighter one, from the first
brushing onward.

Premium Swiss
triple care
for an all-round protection of
your teeth and mouth lesions

Teeth stronger and more
resistant than ever
A complete and exclusive oral care straight from
the heart of the Alps.